Book cover
Louisiana’s Way Home
Kate DiCamillo

This is the second in a trilogy of sorts, starting with Raymie Nightingale and ending with Beverly, Right Here. And while there are hints of magic in Raymie, Louisiana’s Way Home is full of it. It’s a self-aware fairy-tale set in the real world. And like all the books in the series, it tackles major themes and real tragedy with exquisite grace.

I honestly think DiCamillo’s work here is flawless, and this book, at the heart of the series, is itself driven by pure heart. It posits a world full of peril, but full of beauty and kindness too. And it acknowledges that even those who hurt us aren’t all bad.

This is, perhaps, the thesis statement of the entire series:

The world was beautiful. It surprised me, how beautiful it kept on insisting on being. In spite of all the lies, it was beautiful.

There is real tragedy. And there is beauty. DiCamillo never shies from the former, while helping each of us to see the latter more clearly.