Book cover
Africa is Not a Country
Notes on a bright continent
Dipo Faloyin

A remarkable book that everyone should read. For folks like me, it is an important history lesson about Africa and the devastating impacts of European imperialism. And for everyone, it is a bright, beautiful, touching love letter to Africa.

And I’ll give an honorable mention to the hilarious and sad send up of Hollywood’s two-dimensional take on Africa.

Regardless of plot: you must start your film with the camera high in the sky, surveying vast rolling grasslands that stretch until they simply cannot stretch any more. Let the camera hang still over the title sequence as our eyes settle on Real Africa. No signs of a modern, technologically advanced civilisation should visually block the view of these rolling plains: no tall buildings, paved roads, or illuminated billboards advertising expensive fragrances.

Land. We should just see land.

The sun should ideally be rising…

And from there it goes and goes, and you will never see so many movies the same way again.

Hat tip to CindySue for the recommendation.