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And then we took Sophie to Ellen’s studio and some other junk.

This was the main attraction.

Still being set up for the next season or whatever. That’s a lot of lights.

Sophie adores Ellen.

Creepy creepy Ellen.

Then Sophie and Mamie posed for a forced-perspective shot at the Hobbit Table.


A fancy formal dress worn by Joan Crawford…

…with a pocket. It is my understanding that this is something my dress-wearing friends would appreciate.

Sophie and I liked this cool combined Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts poster.

Professor McGonagall’s costume!

I took picture of the Gilmore Girls things for Isabel even though she wasn’t there. The Gilmore house.

The other side of the Gilmore house (Sam interior) is apparently “Suki’s” house.

Zhazha is never sure what to make of Sophia. But she loves her just the same.