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Old blogs/sites, social media posts, and other previously-published writing.

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Flickr Archive

Technically my Flickr account is still up because I have no idea what the password is or what email address I used for recovery. Oh well.

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Facebook Archive

I created a Facebook account in 2012 but didn’t really post much until 2014. In 2018 I deleted my account (for secret reasons). It was a relief to let it go, but also a little sad. I quickly lost tabs of friends and extended family. Of course we still talk now and again, but I am much less aware of what’s going on in their day to day lives. Nevertheless I’m glad I left.

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The List App Archive

The List App, later rebranded, was a short-lived social media app from, of all people, B.J. Novak of The Office fame. A friend of mine who’s way more looped in to this kind of thing than I am sent me an invitation during the pre-release beta period, when The List App was tiny and finding its footing.

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Posterous Archive

Posterous was a blogging platform that made it easy to blog from a mobile device. I really liked the simplicity of this site. It was much less fussy to edit and post than tools like WordPress and Blogger, and it supported custom domains. I used this for my personal blog for a few years before it was acquired by Twitter and shut down.

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Six Fried Rice Archive

I ran Six Fried Rice, a software consulting firm, with Jesse Antunes from 2007 to 2015. In the early days I was writing books for O’Reilly and used the site as a professional blogging platform to promote our business and the books to the FileMaker Pro community of developers.

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FileMaker Advisor Archive

During my FileMaker days I wrote articles for FileMaker Advisor magazine, and FileMaker Advisor Basics magazine. Unsurprisingly these print magazines are now defunct. I’ve archived my articles here.

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For Hire Archive

In the past I was occasionally hired to write documentation and whitepapers for software systems. I have archived some of these here. A lot of my for-hire writing is lost.

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MacAddict Article Archive

MacAddict, was a magazine targeted at the Macintosh market. For a brief period I thought about transitioning from software engineering to tech journalism. I love to write and always have. I wrote three small articles for MacAddict, and a few articles for some smaller publications. But eventually programming pulled me back in.

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Web Site Archive

Over the years I hosted a handful of personal web sites before the idea of blogging really settled in. So these were mostly creative exercises or an attempt to figure out what I could actually do with a web site.